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The person behind Luna Retreats

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Nowadays, when people see my pictures, they don't think about the journey I had until I get to this point in life. I hear people all the time saying "You look so happy, you are looking so pretty". Yes, I am happy, I feel pretty, I feel confident and fulfilled. Here the story begins.

As a girl, I was very shy, sometimes I still am. My mom was a teacher and she was a public figure in the small town where I grew up. My father was an engineer and he was very sociable and a hippie compared to the position he had at work as a Chief Manager. When I became an adult, following the rules that back then I considered right, I did everything that I believed it was expected from me in all terms.

- I had a job that was considered a very good one for my family,

- I graduated, post graduate, attended a new technical training,

- I had a 5 years emotional abusive relationship,

- I almost got married,

and was completely... unhappy.

I remember sitting in front of the computer at my desk in this huge office with more than 200 people at this international bank corporation and telling myself, "so, this is life?!?!" I couldn't understand why we were born to spend most of our lives inside an office with air-conditioning, in downtown, with all this people coming and going not even noticing each others, with their mind so busy in their own inner world.

Why life had to be like that?

I will never forget the day I arrived at my Interior Design School and the girls were talking about attending a Master abroad. At that moment, my heart started to beat again. My old dreams came back to the surface and I remembered why I had saved money since my internship when I was still only 18. That money was initially saved for living abroad, after awhile I thought about an apartment, then to use for my wedding. I had completely forgot my main purpose after so many years. But at that moment, when my classmates where talking about attending a Masters abroad, my life started to change. This was the sign I needed. I applied for a Masters in Italy and I got accepted. At the age of 27, I finally remembered my dream of living abroad and why I was stuck in a life that I hated? Yes, I hated but I would never mention that before because I had fear! I thought I was a stranger in the nest, I was different from all the others in my mind. In the most crazy way, I broke up with my boyfriend, learned enough of Italian in a month and moved to Italy, attended my Masters, I recreated a new life to finally found out the person I was as I had no idea anymore.

I left behind that life listening that I was crazy doing that. A few friends supported me and I love them for that! I was afraid, very insecure but I was never alone. And I regret not having done it earlier, now I know that everything comes when the time is right. After Italy I moved to Germany to have the most amazing experience and for the first time, I thought I would like to become a therapist, from Germany to Israel and finally I got back to my hometown in Brazil. My father died of brain cancer in between. I spent 4 years in Brazil healing my relationship with my mother, I learned to meditate, I attended incredible trainings, met incredible people, gurus, the pope and became a therapist of different modalities: I am a Gynetherapist, it's a holistic way of treating women and men, I am a Shamanic Therapist, I worked in a healing house regarding entities, very usual in Brazil and has similarities to the Balinese culture, I went to India to deepen my meditation skills until the day I understood that I wanted to learn more and share. I love energy work and I use it during the retreats and circles.

I traveled in Brazil to Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte e Florianópolis with a friend supporting the Gineterapia, I open my house in Curitiba to healing sessions and immersions. Soon after that, after a very mystical week, I was awakened in a feminine energy and started to host Women's circles including men and workshops. A transformative breathwork gave me the power to understand that it was time to leave again and I bought my flight to India, already informing that I didn't know about my way back. This was in December 2017. And in India I died completely. India killed me completely to bring me to the arms of mama Bali and make me stay and share all this amazing learning and tools about self love, self discovery with the ones that feel the call to learn. Mama Bali gave me a gift and allowed me to put everything together and develop the work of my dreams. Today, when you see a picture of me smiling, remember, there's much more there in the picture that your eyes can see.

Suzana wearing white and a flower crown at the beach
Suzana during her self marriage

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