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Let me face the reality

The penny dropped. Today I came to the realization that I express myself believing that everyone will understand my words. But today I also realized something that is no longer part of my life at times but is still out there, everywhere in the world.

I read today in a friend's stories that one of her patients was thanking her because for the first time she had the courage to go to the pool where two other female neighbors were already, without shame from her body. I had to read the print twice. Before of this day, she never went to the pool when there were other women there because there is in our society a strong sense of COMPARISON. The perfect BODY that does not exist, because all bodies are perfect! For me this is unreal, I couldn't believe this mindset still exists, but it made me remember that it is also part of my past. I let it go with time, after all I chose another reality (or I was chosen) when I moved to another country and still chose to live in a holistic town. In fact, it made me remember of feeling ashamed to post a picture of myself in a bikini. Ashamed? Where this feeling come from? Well, it's gone for me.

Women and friends, we have to support, love, not compare, not look at each other as a rival.

Beautiful men, you have to stop looking at the woman as if she were an object for sales, with decorations adorning their bodies.

Surely you must have read anywhere on social media that there are a lot of people sleeping and it's time to wake up. Awakening to a new awareness. Even here in Bali there are people still sleeping. Because it is an individual process. It is paying attention to your actions, your words, it's the letting go your judgments. It is learning to look at others and yourself with compassion. But above all, nothing is possible if you don't love yourself. I myself did not know that I did not love me until I came to live here, on the other side of the world, to understand that all my insecurity, weaknesses, dependencies were because I did not love myself as I am!

By the way, it takes a while to know who you are. And to love yourself requires dedication. When you can, do this simple exercise that I personally never forget: look in the mirror and scream, I LOVE YOU! a zillion times until tears of acceptance welled up. And you can repeat it until you feel in your soul that it really is.

Thank you. I love you.

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1 Comment

Nikhil sharma
Nikhil sharma
Jul 09, 2021

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