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Yoga for life

When someone mention yoga, what is the first thing that come to your mind? Yoga postures, or asanas.

But yoga is much more deeper that that. Asana is only part of a huge and complex understanding of the yoga philosophy.

It’s very common to receive people coming only for the practice of asanas during our retreats and at first they don’t understand why are we holding also workshops and other activities? Why are we talking about different subjects oriented to that specific retreat? And soon they understand that yoga for us is not only positions but a way of living our lives.

We teach “Yoga From The Heart”. This axiom guides all our teachers who are passionate and sincere in bringing authentic Yoga to you. To us, Yoga is not just a trend, but an essential part of life.

We base our retreat in these 3 pillars:

Body, Mind, and spirit or soul.

Patricia is correcting a student during the practice
Yoga practice

We want to propose you to face different experiences during the retreat that will lead you into your own process of transformation, and we will support you. From the experiences, you will be able to decide what works for works for you, what are the lessons that you will take with you.

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