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Inner Marriage, a commitment to the most important person in your life

Updated: Jan 17

Exploring the Depths: Inner Marriage, Sacred Union, and the Potency of Hieros Gamos

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By Suzana Lebrecht, Founder of Luna Retreats

Inner Marriage is a profound concept rooted in mysticism and self-discovery. It is the sacred union of one's feminine and masculine energies within, transcending the conventional understanding of gender. This mystic journey involves harmonizing and integrating these internal aspects to achieve a balanced, whole self. The feminine embodies qualities like intuition, compassion, and creativity, while the masculine represents strength, logic, and action. This union is not confined to external relationships but extends to the depths of one's soul.

a Sacred Union for Sacred Relationships
My Inner Marriage or Inner Alchemy Ritual

You will feel more grounded connected embodied and empowered than ever before. You will develop authentic deep nurturing bonds with like minded women that will become friends for life! (We see it happen all the time) You will head home feeling excited, enthusiastic even, for the manifestations and relationships that will unfold.

An ancient yet almost forgotten Ritual

Hieros Gamos, often translated as "sacred marriage" in Greek, refers to a mystical or symbolic union, frequently seen in religious or spiritual contexts. It symbolizes the sacred union of divine forces, typically represented as a marriage between a god and a goddess, embodying cosmic balance and harmony.

Let me share with you my personal experience. My journey took place in Portugal while I was supporting a Solstice Retreat in 2019. The retreat occurred a few weeks after a Goddess Conference in Sintra, a magical spot with potent feminine energy. When I first stepped into Sintra, I felt my thymus, a ganglion located in the chest between the lungs. It operates as a sensor in our bodies, and according to traditional Chinese medicine: to open our thymus is to open and infuse our lives with forgiveness, love, and compassion. As I had already experienced before, I knew there was something there active for me to learn, what we commonly call in meditation as being in a process.

The first act I had after becoming conscious of my need to pay attention to my emotions was to reassume the use of my birth name. For almost 10 years, I had chosen to use my nickname when introducing myself, but at the goddess conference, I received a call to use my given name. It was a big step for me; I had a lot to clear up towards it. The second step was not less important; I asked a healthy masculine to give me a blessing. It was important for me to learn to receive from the masculine without any expectations, being open enough only to receive without having to give back.

And after that, I had a sense of allowance, and for days I said yes to all things that life presented to me, and what I found underneath the surface was the abandonment issue.

In that retreat, I had the opportunity to connect with this emotion and more, connect to all my broken parts and look at the hurt masculine inside me. Nobody guided me there, but I knew exactly what to do. And after a few days of deep connection with my hurt masculine and feminine aspects and energies, it was solstice. My inner guidance was clear: wear white and make a ritual to marry yourself.

I had never thought about it until I had my own experience. It happened very naturally, in a step-by-step process. No one taught me or told me what to do. In my deep connection with a broken and hurt masculine, I found my feminine aching for support and lacking a healthy masculine to fill in this empty space.

Some relationships need to die in order to take on a new form. That doesn't mean breaking up, but creating a shift to shake up the pattern you're in and give the relationship a new life.

There was not a big party to celebrate the union; I didn't tell more than one person. I prepared a little and simple flower bouquet from the garden and went with the group to the beach. While there, I did my own ritual in front of that vast Atlantic ocean, sending my prayer of commitment to myself in a sacred act of unifying the feminine and masculine within.

After my inner marriage, the sacred union with a divine masculine
Sacred Union ceremony

What did i learn from my inner Marriage ritual?

What came next was a honeymoon with myself, learning to have boundaries, saying no, not accepting less than what I wanted to attract to my life. I promised myself not to settle for less than what would be amazing for myself. What a powerful commitment to have! Isn't it our dream? Our intention?

I was not abandoned anymore; I could hold myself. And so it happened. I was initiated in a new path, the path of the priestess of the Rose, as time would reveal to me.

I was single when it happened, and one year after my commitment on that solstice, a week after Lions Gate, the 888 portal, after 7 years single, I met a man. A healthy masculine, someone who had already been through enough not to play games and who was ready to commit to a sacred relationship. 2 years later, in the equinox of 2022, we committed to ourselves once again in front of the ocean, this time on a little paradise island in Indonesia, in an incredible and unforgettable Sacred Union ceremony. Once again, I was guided to do it, and he was even more excited than me when we chose to bless ourselves in that ceremony!

Later the signs appeared and I learned about Sacred Relationships, which is a similar aspect to Inner Marriage, from a book in which Mary Magdalene and Yeshua (Jesus) commit to each other in a very similar way.

I know, this is not such a thing you see every day in life, but it can be! And after all these years of integration, I'm ready to guide other women to commit to themselves! And not only single women, anyone who feels the calling to forgive, heal, accept, and celebrate herself. Yes! If we want to build healthy and authentic connections, we have first to create the most important one: the one within!

Ready to commit to the love of your life? You!

The Inner Marriage, a Sacred Union Women's retreat is now available. In Bali, 14-16 Feb 2024. Learn more!

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