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Discovery Call

3 June 2022 at 5pm Bali time

Time zones:
Indonesia (Bali 5pm)
Europe (Germany 11am)
Australia (Sydney 7pm)
New Zealand (Wellington 9pm)
Canada (Toronto 5am)
Brazil (São Paulo 6am)
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introduction to a
8-Week Online Masterclass

June: 13, 20, 27 July: 4, 11, 18, 25 August: 1 
All the women that
I am

Evolved Archetypes
Starting on 13 June 2022 
8 week - Every Monday at 5pm Bali

The world needs your vision, creativity, and authentic expression like never before!

The good news is there is already an ancient wisdom used by our ancestors for generations which has been divinely channeled and specifically tailored into a brand new methodology for our times. 

Did you know that there are specific archetypes you have direct access to that can empower you to fully self actualize?

These archetypes are essential, ancient, and ageless “streams” of energy that move through every person on the planet.

Balancing these archetypes is key for women to step out of lower limiting beliefs into higher possibilities.

Here you will find a unique and proven system aligned with divine creation that gives women immediate access to deep and powerful results for self-actualization where they will experience deeper expressions of Empathy, Vulnerability, Openness, Truth, and Compassion.

What is this Masterclass about?

  • Self mastery : you and your uniqueness

  • Explore the ancient path of consciousness by walking on the tree of life in an exciting brand new methodology based on the ancient knowledge

  • A practical training to discover aspects of your own personality as a woman

  • Discovering your expression as a powerful leader

  • And much more!

“The energy that comes from the One Goddess is the great Spiral Dance.” Ethel Morgan
A practical training to learn aspects of your own personality as a woman and develop  a better relationship with yourself and the eternal world by acknowledging these aspects  and building your own life project.
Dive deeply and gently in the process of Feminine Awakening and exploration of the infinite possibilities by the use of the ancient technology in a brand new methodology to guide you through the depths of your sacred spiritual path and support your purpose to emerge.


This Masterclass is not for everyone. It's for the brave ones that feel ready to embark on an journey of self awareness and leadership. The ability to be self-aware is one of the most essential yet difficult to achieve skills we humans can achieve. But it is possible! A feminine awakening! Balancing the energies that the masculine world imposed on us. Yes, we are here to re-balance them!
After this program you will have developed:
  • Personal Mastery: A true sense of purpose and meaning, embody total authority over your own worth
  • Confidence: A clear and precise understanding of how to step into your own unique expression
  • Profound tools and strategies to implement immediately into your life 
  • Discover your natural leadership abilities with unapologetically authenticity
  • Divine secrets and ancient wisdom handed down from ancestors to those women open to hear the call
  • Inspiring shared experience with other like minded-women
  • Explore your six senses, feel alive in your body and tap into deep creativity
  • A safe space free of competition or status and full of learning and sharing
  • Understanding which archetype to call on for any specific situation
  • A safe space to explore what’s holding you back and how to transition into your highest joy 
  • Be in alignment with the cosmos
  • And much more

Get certified  by

Munan Mystery School

Training by Luna Retreats
Suzana Lebrecht  women's holistic therapist since 2016, travelled in Brazil and other countries teaching the art of being a woman. She went through many initiations during her life. Originally from Brazil, before accepting fully her holistic and spiritual path, she was a former Executive in a company with more than 20 thousand employees. She worked for more than 10 years in the corporate world. With a Master degree in Design, focused in create conceptual ideas, she found her passion in developing projects into heart based business. She lived in Italy, Germany, Israel and Indonesia. In 2018 she founded Luna Retreats where she keeps sharing her knowledge in retreats, circles, workshops and immersions, mainly located in Bali.


I have been visiting Bali for a while! However doing my very first retreat/tour with Luna retreats took my experience to another new level! Suzy shares from her heart her experience and love for this Island! If you are looking to connect with the magic of Bali and go deeper with your spiritual experience, don’t look further and join the adventure!

Luna, Colombia (Apr 19) Sacred feminine workshop

You know that you have experienced something special when you run out of words. This was my experience with Luna Retreats. To begin with a very light circle of women, full of pleasure, fun and creativity, just as the feminine energy is. I found myself recharged, nourished, connected with my essence. Only this would be enough, but there was more.

Graziela, Brazil (Apr 19) Sacred feminine workshop


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