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Said good bye to the corporate world of finance, Studied her masters in Design in Italy, back to her homeland started the first local vegan burgers delivery business and years later her dream came true and she finally found her purpose in life as a retreat leader. Ask her to tell her story! She is a holistic therapist, shamanic and energy Channeller and is the first Gynetherapist in action in Asia - women's holistic therapist, crystal therapist, reiki and deeksha giver, from Oneness university in India. Also practice Access Bars and  MTVSS in some sessions. She open the portals for the inner connections and unfolded layers, helping you to embody the new changes in your life. She has travelled internationally sharing Women's guidance teachings and mystical healing around Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and in the last years mainly in Bali, Indonesia. She also run Human's circles where men and women can create a deeper and authentic connection in a safe space.

Retreat Leader Worldwide



If you believe in intuition, you have to meet her! intuition guidance and vibrational sound healer. She hosts regularly Om Chanting events, lately at the most famous birth center in Bali called Bumi Sehat. She has transformed many peoples lives using her inner wisdom. She has began her activities as healer in Thailand, when she figured out she had much more to offer to the world than staying behind an office desk. She runs In a Cup of Tea counseling.

Intuitive Guidance Bali Angel


Kristi was born in Bintan Island, a small island of Sumatra. She previously worked as an Accountant, so she rarely did any exercise until she discovered and fell in love with yoga. Due to her new passion for Yoga, she moved from her hometown to Ubud, Bali in 2015. She received training from an Indian Guru and went on to complete her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in a Vinyasa Yoga School Jakarta.

She has been teaching Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Prenatal (pregnancy) Yoga Beginner, Kids Yoga in resorts, sport club and yoga studios in Sumatra and ubud, Bali; Montigo Resort, Titi Batu Ubud Club, Shriman Yoga, Chakra Yoga & Usada Bali.

Kristi has a desire to share the benefits of yoga so she guides from her heart as well as from what she is learned on the mat, during her personal practice.

Yoga Teacher Bali Angel


Yoga teacher with international certification in Vinyasa Flow Yoga in India. In order to heal her own physical trauma,  she chose the yoga as a tool of healing and today she give classes oriented in the needs of each individual. As a coach, she also offer special advices. Ask her for a session!

Yoga Teacher Worldwide


We are a team of believers and " life lovers", and our intention is to host you in our sacred space, to find your own way of applying your intuition as a guide and support to become your own Master. 
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Retreat team includes amazing life changers such as:

Pak Enong - We will let him surprise you with the Cultural and Spiritual (exclusive for Luna Retreats) experience.

Indri Hapsari Bharata and Vonny Stella - Alchemy of Breath facilitators. Let them guide through deep breathing tools to dive deep into unknown layers.

Chef Ni Nyoman Sunarti (Mangsu) - Raw and Vegan chef qualified. Her dishes are very inspiring, tasteful and you can feel the love in it. You can't miss it! Apply for a detox during the retreats (available also for non-participants).



Bali secret is the vortex of feminine energy. We trust in energy and the integration with the nature. It's special for the water temples and ceremonies that keep the place always in such a great harmony and allow us to access deep level of experiences. The island of the Gods is the place to connect you to your heart and improve your intuition and creativity.

Bali - Indonesia