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8-day Immersion in Bali
my purpose
All the women that

I am

October/November 2022 
Bali and Nusa Lembongan island

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"Our life is the creation of our mind"


In this immersion you will explore:

  • Your uniqueness and your sense of purpose

  • The unique field that women intuitively flow from to easily manifest and create in

  • 10 Archetypes that will change your life forever 

  • How you can embody these archetypes to get the most impactful results in today's world

  • Why balancing your internal Feminine Power is crucial for every self-actualizing woman to step into their pure potentiality 

  • A real and unprecedented shift currently sweeping the planet encouraging women to discover their own unique gifts and embrace their true creative nature 

  • The “power struggle” that many women are experiencing and how to resolve this conflict within themselves through self exploration and embodiment

  • Learn which dominant aspect of feminine energy is best for you to work with right now in order to unlock your hidden gifts and potential

  • How you can deliver even more impact and results with your relationships, clients, family and friends

  • How to be more creative and find your unique way of mastering your life


Who are you?
Balancing the energies that the masculine world and the creative feminine to manifest your dream business and life.
A practical training to discover aspects of your own personality as a woman and develop  a better relationship with yourself and the external world by acknowledging these aspects and evolving your natural leadership skills.
Dive deeply and gently into the process of Feminine Awakening and exploration of infinite possibilities by the use of ancient technologies in a brand new methodology to guide you through the depths of your sacred spiritual path and support your purpose to emerge.

This concerns a conscious leader inner authority since everything about us is embedded in our body – mind, emotions, patterns, habits, beliefs, movements, emotional and physical trauma. Insight and knowledge of course can be gained on an intellectual level but the body has its own intelligence and language. It's a safe container to tune into your wholeness and your gifts to create in service to the planet.