11-Week Online Masterclass 

All the women that

I am

25 May - 3 August 2020 - live from Bali 5PM time

"Our life is the creation of our mind"

A practical training to learn aspects of your own personality as a woman and you as your own business allowing you to develop a better relationship with yourself and the external world by acknowledging all the aspects with your heart and soul purpose.


Who are you?
The ability to be self-aware is one of the most essential yet difficult to achieve skills we humans can achieve. But it is possible! A feminine awakening! Balancing the energies that the masculine world and the creative feminine to manifest your dream business and life.
Are there parts of your life or personality that you just can’t seem to understand?
Maybe there are certain behaviors or tendencies that seem to pop up over and over again despite leading to negative outcomes?

In this masterclass, I’ll explain what self-awareness is, why it’s important, and then walk through 10 effective and practical archetypes of the feminine, through lots of meditation, dance, and rituals that you can use to actually cultivate self-awareness in your life.

It means understanding our own emotions and moods in accordance to the archetypes of your personality. Instead of trying to avoid or “fix” how we feel, we observe and stay curious about our feelings, even the difficult, uncomfortable ones.


Dive into a self learning process of exploration.

1. THE CREATOR : The woman who creates a new world. Explore the aspects of creating your own reality.

2. THE ENERGIZER : The energetical spiral, the women celebration. Understanding how to connect and work with energies around you.

3. THE LIMITATOR : What build us as a woman. Boundaries, limits, say no.

4. THE PROTECTOR : Understand the sacred. You as a guardian of what is important in you your life.

5. THE INITIATOR : The inner authority. You are the one who takes action and introduce new ways of living the same life with new eyes.

6. THE CHALLENGER: The aspects of liberation of the dark sides. You speak your truth.

7. THE LIBERATOR : The feminine freedom as an spiritual revolution. Integration of the previous aspects will guide you to your inner guidance.

8. THE CONECTOR : The new urban shaman. 

9. THE NOURISHER : The return to the universal Mother. Your unique expression in this world.

10. THE MANIFESTOR : The transmitter of wisdom, initiator of men and teacher of the art of living on Earth. You are what you believe and you manifest the life you wish.

11. ALL THE WOMEN THAT I AM: Integration. The woman I am. The whole women. Empowered and connected. You as your business to the external world.

Practice and Tasks

Weekly meeting:

  • 40 minutes Zoom call weekly


  • Rituals

  • Journaling

  • Dreams

  • Deep meditation

  • 6 senses awareness

  • Sacred sharing


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Training by Luna Retreats.

Time zones:

Indonesia (Bali 5pm)

Europe (Germany 11am)
Australia (Sydney 7pm)
New Zealand (Wellington 9pm)
Canada (Toronto 5am)
Brazil (São Paulo 6am)


I have been visiting Bali for a while! However doing my very first retreat/tour with Luna retreats took my experience to another new level! Suzy shares from her heart her experience and love for this Island! If you are looking to connect with the magic of Bali and go deeper with your spiritual experience, don’t look further and join the adventure!

Luna, Colombia (Apr 19) Sacred feminine workshop

You know that you have experienced something special when you run out of words. This was my experience with Luna Retreats. To begin with a very light circle of women, full of pleasure, fun and creativity, just as the feminine energy is. I found myself recharged, nourished, connected with my essence. Only this would be enough, but there was more.

Graziela, Brazil (Apr 19) Sacred feminine workshop


empowering the Goddess within



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