"The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with the heart". Hellen Keller
*The workshops are not part of the retreats. They are held in specific events.

Sexuality Sensuality & intimacy







Goddesses energies


Sexuality as a magic experience of life. We all go through deep question related to our own experiences. This workshop helps to understand the differences in terms of Sexuality, Sensuality & Intimacy and work in the aspects you would like to improve in your life to create a better relation with your own body, own belief system and past experiences.

You are going to experience: 
- Authentic relating connection
Talk about:
- Sexuality - sacred or not sacred
- Sensuality
- Intimacy

- Pleasure



Have you ever thought about why you can’t move forward? Have you wondered why you sabotage yourself? Have you ever questioned why you so easily feel anxious, depressed, and self-critical?


Inside each of us there’s an inner child that was once wounded.


To avoid the pain, we’ve tried to ignore that child, but it never goes away. Our inner child lives in our unconscious mind and influences how we make choices, respond to challenges, and live our lives.

We are going to work in this 7 Aspects to Heal and Nurture Your Inner Child: I love you, I hear you, you didn't deserve this, I forgive you, thank you, you did your best.


In the west we are not used to keep the connection to our ancestors. But we bring memories of them in our DNA. Whether our ancestors are liberated or not has a major effect on their family descendants, and these ancestors from our past 7 generations would directly impact our lives.


We should pray to our ancestors all the time. It's a fact that many of our ancestors have yet to be One with the golden light or merge with the Divine. If we have problems that keep recurring or repeating in our lives without having a solution, it could be that our ancestors have not attained liberation yet. If our ancestors were not liberated, it would cause problems in our lives.


We are always looking to achieve more but sometimes we don't reality believe we deserve to. We stare at other people and say, he/she is lucky, achieve everything that he/she wants.

We are going to work in the believe system, create a ritual of liberation and open the gate for the prosperity and abundance in your life.

Influenced by a Osho meditation, we will be guided into the waters to open the flow into your life.

Special opportunity to close and begin the year.


There was a time, before our mothers and our grandmothers and perhaps even their mothers, where all life and time was governed by the Menstrual cycle. A woman’s cycle not only mirrors the phases of the Moon, but also the four seasons. Every woman who has ever existed has experienced these four Moon phases and four seasons within her body; whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual.  When we can learn to live in alignment with these phases, we can truly start to flourish. In each of us is a New Moon Wise Woman, a Maiden of Spring, a Mother of Summer, and a Priestess of Autumn.


There is a legendary influence of Angola Goddesses in the Brazilian culture. Maybe you heard about Yemanya, goddess of the sea, the mother of love, Oshum, goddess of the sweat waters, Yansa, goddess of the wind. They are orishas from the yoruba culture and very know as spiritual guides for who ask for their support. Working with their energy, allow us to experience a free soul and power.