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Modern Shamanism

July 22nd 2020 - Ubud - Bali

Creativity is an energy. It's a precious energy, and it's something to be protected. A lot of people take for granted that they're a creative person, but I know from experience, feeling it in myself, it is magic; it is an energy. And it can't be taken for granted.

- Ava DuVernay 

Join this warm, welcoming, and heart-opening experience, diving into a journey of self-discovery and self-transformation. No religion, guru, or dogma!

A space of respect, based on the terms of Gynetherapy and Shamanism.

This is an initiatory retreat for the Goddess priestess and for the upcoming Modern Shamanism for Woman training in late 2020.

22nd of July is considered Saint Mary Magdalene's day.

Have you heard of Mary Magdalene? She was a sinner, according to the old beliefs and in 2016 the Pope declared her as a saint. Following her channeled instructions, we will invite her and her blessings to guide us in this Modern Shamanism Journey.

Would you like to wake up the shaman/priestess inside of you?

Would you like to find out which are your spirit guides animals?

A journey of deep connection with Mother Earth and Ether, the great mystery and unconditional love.

You will be guided to find your own path in these modern days as your own shaman.
Talk to the spirits of nature and learn how to listen to them.

Open your channels to receive and slowly integrate the information.

You will be invited to create your own talisman during this workshop.

You will:
Explore the origins of Shamanism and how it translates in Western culture.
Feel a familiarity with the principles of shamanism and discover deeper truths about yourself.
Discover a new found respect for the Earth and all her relations.

Sisterhood rice fields


  • 9:30am Sacred space opening

  • 10:00am Body movement-Active meditation

  • 11:00am Vision Quest

  • 12:00pm Shaman awakening

  • 2:00pm Closure

Dress comfy clothes. Skirts or dresses are also welcome.


Following the guidelines of the moment, intimate group.

Address will be sent after registration.



I have been visiting Bali for a while! However doing my very first retreat/tour with Luna retreats took my experience to another new level! Suzy shares from her heart her experience and love for this Island! If you are looking to connect with the magic of Bali and go deeper with your spiritual experience, don’t look further and join the adventure!

Luna, Colombia (Apr 19) Sacred feminine workshop

You know that you have experienced something special when you run out of words. This was my experience with Luna Retreats. To begin with a very light circle of women, full of pleasure, fun and creativity, just as the feminine energy is. I found myself recharged, nourished, connected with my essence. Only this would be enough, but there was more.

Graziela, Brazil (Apr 19) Sacred feminine workshop


Exploring the magic within you


Tickets: from IDR 220k to 400k pay as your possibilities allow you (US$15 - US$27)
Regular price IDR 1 Mil/day immersion (US$ 70). 

Subscription required:

Sun and moon sign (if you know):
Payment form:
Cash or deposit (includes 2% bank tax).
Revolut payment accept. PayPal is NOT working.
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