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There are so many retreats out there!

Why would you choose exactly a Luna Retreat? Here we tell you why!

The most precious thing anyone can give to yourself is quality time. Luna retreats is born after a long time of learning and observing the needs of people that were coming to our retreats, making them more customized to achieve better performance and self learning. We work from our heart. We are people like you. Most of us left the corporate world to follow our hearts and from there, Luna Retreat is born. Community matters. Especially in Bali, we are focused on giving back to the land a little bit of our gratitude by working with locals.

Why retreats?

It’s my passion to share and see people transforming due to their own experiences. It took me time and years of learning to develop a program where I can offer a space of healing and love, and at the same time happy and of profound personal learnings. We grow through life lessons and I don’t believe we have to suffer to learn, we can become our own guru as soon as we learn and accept to be who you are. When you give yourself time to “re-treat” yourself, you are opening a door of self knowledge, discovery and an open heart. At Luna Retreats, we don’t want to offer you only a regular retreat, but a journey into yourself, in a safe space, with no judgments, criticism or dogma.

Girls sitting togheter after a women's circle that took part during a retreat
Happiness is contageous and we want to share!


You: We are oriented in understanding your needs and offering you what we believe it will fit perfectly for the retreat.

The retreat as an experience: We don’t want to be just one more retreat around the world. Our main goal is to let you live a whole and deep experience that will allow you to transform yourself as an individual.

Quality matters: the retreats are host in beautiful and comfortable accommodations, healthy food and an incredible atmosphere.

Heart workers: there are a lot of great people out there looking forward to share from their hearts. We only work with professional that really care about your wellbeing.

Giving back to the local community: working with locals, learning about their culture, getting in touch with the reality of the place where you are coming to.

Who are we?

Believers. People like you. Love life. Live intensely and focused on the spiritual path. Respect our body.

What we expect you to achieve during your retreat?

  • Have Fun

We want you to feel part of the community we belong to.

  • Strong connections

As we work going from light to shadow (lack of light), we may get you into some deep states of mind that you will be able to understand more about yourself.

  • Dive deep in the teachings

Of course it will depend on you how deep you would like to go. It can be scary, for this reason we work from a position of safe space, where no judgement is allowed and acceptance is the main key to support the experience.

  • Customized - from people to people

No one is the same but we are all in the same boat. You are letting us know the moment of your life and we will provide you a nice schedule based on it.


We don’t have a fixed schedule. Of course we focus to provide you everyday classes but the schedule is adaptable according to the retreat rhythm, which means that we can add or remove workshops and activities to make your moment worth.

  • Make your part

We will make you to reflect about who you are and inspire other people.


Luna retreats is a way of self learning using different tools from different modalities but not following any religion or dogma such as shamanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, modern healing techniques and coaching. Above all of them we have the guidance of our mentors through intuition and heart - mind connection.

Creating a way that the participant can understand by living a personal experience who she/he is and what is really important in her/his life, which contribution she/he can bring to the world.

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