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Why to retreat yourself?

Everyday I woke up, prepare my coffee, get into a traffic jam, go to work, breath slowly thinking that I still have 8 hours to go until I leave to the training that I have in the evening in the other side of the town. If you recognize yourself in a situation like this one, if you feel that you are tired of this crazy routine and wants to give yourself some break, you are read to come to a retreat!

When your body is tired, your mind is getting into the same old thoughts, and you don't manage to chance the patterns, but still, you know it's possible, a retreat will allow you to rest and take a time in a beautiful environment, where you will understand more about who you are without having to make any efforts, just by being yourself and allowing to participate on the proposed activities. A retreat is a time to Re-Treat your soul, let go of pressure, anxiety, daily stress.

It's a holiday of self discovery. It's a time for relaxation and transformation. Choose a retreat where you can be guided during your journey to have a better support during the awakening process you may be able to experience.

Choose a talented team, a beautiful place where you can feel safe and a home away from home, and relax, set yourself free!

Patricia is sitting and the other participants are laying down in meditation.
Meditation session


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