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What is a space holder?

A what? That was my question when I first heard this term in my first days in Bali. Now it's a little bit more common to hear people talking about holding space than it was 4 years ago. Although the term might be new to some, to be a space holder is a very old practice. Sitting and offering a space of trust, creating an energetic container, clearing the space are some aspects of this beautiful talent. Anyone capable of listening with compassion and without judgement can become a very good space holder.

In years of practice, I am very critical when I am participating of a session or a sharing circle and the facilitator don't make me feel safe. How can I allow a process to run or a beautiful sharing to happen if I can't trust the person who is suppose to support me? Or the group around me? And if someone share something deep and the facilitator don't know how to handle it? So many things can happen in a sacred space. I learned to observe and help when I am asked to. You know, some facilitators don't want to be said that they didn't held a safe container.

You may ask, but how do I know if it's safe? Well, it's all about how do you feel, your perception, your energy. If you don't feel safe, maybe you are in the wrong place.

It's very important to get to know your space holder, explore a bit to know the person that will be guiding your experience. Some portals are open and if they are not properly closed, well, you may have to deal with some ghosts outside of a safe space. To keep yourself safe, be curious.

Here at Luna Retreats we have a training for the ones that are interested in becoming a sacred circles facilitator. We already offer an online version and soon we will have a more complete in person training happening in Bali. Are you interested? Let us know!

With love, Suzana

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