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1, 2, 3 or 5-Day online
tailored retreat

Mindful Earth

Streaming live from Bali via Zoom

Welcome to your Earth paradise retreat! Take a journey of yoga, meditation, movement, conscious living, and healthy eating where you can expect a full well-structured program and an intimate space to share, connect and grow together.

We have tailored a program based on years of experience working with groups that give you an experience you will not forget. Trans-formative, heart opening, inspiring, loving, a positive, fun experience. We hope to introduce to you new ways of being, new ways of seeing, and new ways of interacting with the world. Book the retreat, feel your body, rest your mind, and meet your soul.

What to expect to achieve during your retreat?

Fun, playfulness, deep connection, healing, selflove.
We want you to feel part of the community we belong to.

Strong connection
As we work going from light to shadow (lack of light), we may get you into some deep states of mind that will enable you to understand more about yourself.

Dive deep into the teachings
Of course it will depend on you how deep you would like to go. It can be scary, for this reason we work from a position of safe space, where no judgement is allowed and acceptance is the main key to support the experience.

Customized - from person to person
No one is the same but we are all in the same boat. You let us  know the rhythm of your life and we will provide you a nice schedule based on it.

Of course our focus is to provide you everyday classes but the schedule is adaptable according to the retreat rhythm, which means that we can add or remove workshops and activities to maximize the benefit to you.

Inspire and Impact
We will encourage you to reflect about who you are and how you can inspire other people.
Luna Retreats is a way of self learning using different tools from different modalities but not following any religion or dogma such as Shamanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, modern healing techniques and coaching's. Through the whole process we have the guidance of our mentors through intuition and heart - mind connection.
We create a pathway for the participant to understand who she/he is, what is really important in her/his life, and what contribution she/he can bring to the world.

Deep connection to Nature

We focus in environmental care. What can I do as  an individual?

Customized Experience
Earth Keeper

We want you to open your potential and by the end of this retreat to be able to share to the planet Earth, our home, how important you as an individual can influence others. You will be invited to inspire other people to take care of our home planet by simple acts, bringing awareness to people just by being you!

This is what makes this retreat so special!


We invite you to choose your program according to your availability. 1, 2, 3 or 5 days. Save 2 to 4 hours a day of fully dedication to yourself


Suggested ​Program:

  • Choose your schedule:

  • Daily Meditations / Pranayama breathing practice

  • Daily Yoga flow class

  • Breathwork

  • Energy work

  • Coaching session

  • Sharing circle

  • Creative art 

  • Dance workshops

  • Counseling with local healer

  • Nature Matters - Earth Keeper tools

  • Silence meditation

  • Rituals

  • Balinese blessing

We will work in the schedule that will benefit you the most according to your availability

Process continues long after the opening. The shifts of perception will generate awareness and change in your life. In the healing and transformation during the retreat you will begin to experience deeper expressions of Empathy, Vulnerability, Openness, Truth, and Compassion.


  • 07:30 - 08:00 Morning Meditation

  • 08:00 - 09:30 Yoga Flow

  • 09:30 - 10:30 Break

  • 10:30 - 12:30 Workshops (Circles, counselling, breath work and/or dance)

Mama Bali

Bali is the land of magic. You will be able to experience Bali. This experience is only allowed to the ones that are really interested in a deep connection with the God's island of Bali.

Remember time zone in Bali +8 WITA
Laura Carrión

Luna retreat came to my life at the moment when I most needed it. I was tired physically and mentally, but thanks to this amazing and well-prepared team, I was able to come back to my normal routine with more energies than I ever have.

Rosa Marino

This experience has been the most beautiful one for me. I’ve never felt in my life so in connection with nature, empowered and loved. She opened my heart and she gave me the tools to deeply connect with myself. Her powerful energy and all the activities based on energy healing, healed me!! I’m so grateful to her and to all the people that worked with her on this beautiful, strong and
amazing journey called Luna Retreat. This is not a common retreat this is a place, a home, a trip where you feel you are one. We were one!!!

Grazie with all my heart ❤️

Anna Kristin Lie

My first time in Bali and I have been lucky enough to book a retreat with Luna Retreats 🧘🏼‍♀️This has been more of a journey within yourself in the beautiful environment of this magical Island! 


My retreat with you was unforgettable.... for sure!!! ❤️


Booking options

One-on-one personalized retreat tailored and individual 
Price varies according to the number of retreat days
Start from 1-day 220
5-day €1089
Send your inquire and we will contact you with a form and details. A pre call may be required to adjust the schedule to make you benefit the most.
At the moment we are accepting bookings until April 2022.
Giving Back to Bali
By booking with us, you are supporting locals as our team is formed by very open hearted Indonesian facilitators, healers, magicians! You will be amazed by Luna Retreat family! If you are fan of a big surprise, come and get it!




Creatrix/Retreat Leader Worldwide

She is the founder of Luna Retreats. She is a mix of a modern nomad and shamanic healer, priestess of the rose and earth, coach and heart business oriented. The only Gineterapeuta in Asia (Women’s Holistic care), she's also a Shamanic Therapist, Deeksha Giver, Reiki and Access Bars facilitator, MTVSS body process, Meditation and Energy Teacher, during the years, she has developed her own therapy method that can be shared in groups or by individual sessions. Her main tools are her intuition and love. She has a natural way of holding space and creates a safe space for deep connections. Her journey took her abroad to heal with her ancestrality and to reconnect with what she considered the most powerful tool to save humanity: Nature. Since a young age Suzana has had a strong intuition but looking to fit in in the society she has not always listened to it which caused her some stress and suffering. After being in the presence of Amma, the huger (she was in Germany), the Pope (Italy), Sri Prem Baba (Brazil), John of God (Brazil), Sri Amma Bhagavan (India), the Dalai Lama (India), among other mystical and spiritual healers, Baba’s, Swamis, listening and learning from them how to live in the present, she found passion in sharing and teaching her experiences. She also went to Jerusalem (Israel), Glastonbury, Stonehenge (England), Évora (Portugal), to connect to the Cromlech - a megalithic complex. Originally from Brazil, she lived in Italy, Germany, Israel and nowadays in Indonesia, precisely in Bali, where she organize circles, trainings and retreats.



Intuitive Guidance Bali Angel

Defi one of a kind. Direct and certain. If you believe in intuition, you have to meet her! Born in Jakarta, she lives in Bali that supported her to work with what she has the best: intuitive guidance and vibrational sound healer. She has an incredible knowledge about herbs. She hosts regularly Om Chanting events, lately at the most famous birth center in Bali called Bumi Sehat. She has transformed many peoples lives using her inner wisdom. She has began her activities as healer in Thailand, when she figured out she had much more to offer to the world than staying behind an office desk. She runs In a Cup of Tea counseling.



Yoga Teacher Bali Angel

Kristi was born in Bintan Island, a small island of Sumatra. She previously worked as an Accountant, so she rarely did any exercise until she discovered and fell in love with yoga. Due to her new passion for Yoga, she moved from her hometown to Ubud, Bali in 2015. She received training from an Indian Guru and went on to complete her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in a Vinyasa Yoga School Jakarta.

She has been teaching Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Prenatal (pregnancy) Yoga Beginner, Kids Yoga in resorts, sport club and yoga studios in Sumatra and ubud, Bali; Montigo Resort, Titi Batu Ubud Club, Shriman Yoga, Chakra Yoga & Usada Bali.

Kristi has a desire to share the benefits of yoga so she guides from her heart as well as from what she is learned on the mat, during her personal practice.

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