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Island Immersion
Oracles, Sounds, Yoga and Dance

Luna global sisterhood

Flourish in Paradise
19- 21 November 2023
 Paradise island of Nusa Lembongan - Bali
For the modern woman, coach, therapist, goddess, gypsy, shaman, yogini, witch, fairy, sorceress, executive...

Calling all powerful women, visionaries, coaches, and yoga teachers seeking a transformative experience in a tropical paradise!

Join us for a 3-day immersion like no other - a sacred blend of self-discovery, dance, sound healing, yoga, and the mystical world of oracle cards.

Crystal Ball

Join Bali's biggest collection of oracle cards and
Bali's newest Oracle Deck creator
in Bali Will be launched at the immersion: Mystical creatures

Crystal Ball
Suggested Program
sunday: 4 - 8pm
Monday: 7:30am - 8pm
Tuesday: 7:30 - 2pm
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Art of creation is an expression of every woman when she is open to embody as she truly is
Day 1 - Heart
introduction to magic
  • 1pm Cruising from Bali to the magical Island of Lembongan by fast boat

  • 4pm Opening Ceremony on SundayConnection, introductions and logistics

  • 6pm Cacao Ceremony


Day 2​ - foundation
Initiation of oracles
  • 7:30am Morning practice

  • Yoga Class

Option: 8:30am Vinyasa and/or

10am Gentle Yoga

  • 11am Workshop: What is an Oracle?

How to connect with Oracles?

How to choose your own deck?

Explore different oracle decks


  • 1:30pm Lunch: Healing food

  • Free time to enjoy "Me time"

  • 3:30pm Yoga Nidra (optional)

  • 5:30pm Workshop: exploration of intuition preparation  for Sound journey with Blue Lotus Tea

  • 6pm Gong bath: Body and Energy Activation

  • Beach ritual

Day 3 - integration
  • 7:30am Morning Meditation Activation

  • 8:30am Vinyasa

  • 10am Mermaids gathering

Tea blessing ceremony

Sharing and integration

  • 1pm Closing with lunch ​

  • 3pm Return boat trip to Bali (Sanur port) (option to extend your stay is available)

You will be initiated in the sacred arts
After this program you can expect:
  • Confidence: A clear and precise understanding of how to step into your own unique expression

  • Profound tools and strategies to implement immediately into your life 

  • Divine secrets and ancient wisdom handed down from ancestors to those women who are open to hearing the call

  • The opportunity to listen to and share inspiring experiences with other like minded-women

  • Discovering your six senses, feel alive in your body and tapped into deep creativity

  • A safe space free of competition or status and full of learning and sharing

  • A safe space to explore what’s holding you back and how to transition into your highest joy 

  • Deep bonds of sisterhood with other powerful women

  • Trust that you can manifest your dream life without sacrificing your joy and boundaries

  • Access to experienced coaches/facilitators

  • Accommodation close to the beach

  • Some surprise activities

  • A lot of laughter and joy

  • Breakfast and lunches included (some meals will be enjoyed outside of the venue)

  • Fresh Drinking Water

* Not all meals are included. You are free to explore the fabulous restaurants in the vicinity.

Exploring the magic within you


Island Yoga Lembongan

This beautiful yoga shala located in Jungutbatu will be the host of our incredible 3-day journey. Located a few steps from the beach, it's located hidden from the main road and offer a beautiful garden, peaceful vibes and incredible host, including 2 pugs!

What's included:

  • All activities mentioned above

  • Lunch, juices, coffees, and teas

  • Boat transfer from Bali (Sanur port) to Nusa Lembongan (30 minutes by boat from Bali) and return

  • Certificate of attendance


What's not included:

  • 2 nights / 3 days accommodation

  • Dinner and breakfast

  • Your flight

  • Insurance

  • Relevant health tests for travel requirements

Accommodation is not included

Upon your booking, we will recommend nearby venues within walking distance of the Island Yoga Lembongan Shala for you to stay.



€ 333
 (IDR 5.550.000 per person)

after Nov 11th 
€ 420
 (IDR 7.000.000)per person)

SPECIAL DEAL: Bring a friend and get 5% off each

Suzana Lebrecht  She is the founder of Luna Retreats and Munan Mystery School. The only Gynetherapist (women's holistic care) in Asia. She is a modern shaman, goddess and priestess of the Rose, as well as a Conscious Energy facilitator,  creator of the training  "Circles: The Art of Holding Space". In Bali she guided regularly Women's and mixed Circles and retreats in partnership with and an incredible team of Indonesian healers. She has organized woman's gatherings and retreats since 2016. She plays music and has some divinely channeled heart songs. If you have ever eaten Life is a blessing cake at the infamous Sayuri's healing food café, it was inspired by one of Suzana's songs "Life is a Blessing", which is also the name of one of Luna Retreats immersions. Suzana will be releasing her first oracle card deck "Messages from Magical Creatures" during this immersion.

Josie B. She's a great example of a modern business woman! Gypsy, entrepreneur and visionary, and epic human being. Founder of Tonic Spa Lembongan and fascinated by oracles, Josie has the biggest collection of Oracle cards in Bali! She brings magic through her sound healing journeys and art therapy workshops. She has a deep and unique perception of the universe around her. Josie loves communities and she's always organizing beautiful gatherings to support the local community in the paradise island of Nusa Lembongan in Bali. She is an incredible and inspiring person to have around.
Regitration Form
About Lembongan island
Located just a short 30-minute ferry ride from Sanur Beach in Bali, Nusa Lembongan is a rugged little gem of Indonesia. At only 8 square kilometers, the beauty is raw, the pace is slow, and the tourists are seemingly nonexistent. Stunning view, crystal-clear waters and some of the most diverse reefs on the planet, great food and diverse natural spots to explore. A little paradise that is part of a family of 3 islands: Nusa Lembongan, Ceningan and Penida. Since tourism is not the main activity on the island at this moment, locals returned to work on their seaweed farms. Amazing restaurants and cafe have recently opened. Lembongan is also a surfers spot. You can enjoy the magic and join a snorkel trip to Nusa Penida and dance in the waters with the manta-rays.
Attend and give back to Bali
By booking this immersion, you are directly supporting Families for the Plastic exchange/rice program on Nusa Lembongan

Is this Luna retreat for you?

Dive deep while having a great time!

  • If you are open to create a new vision for your life

  • Explore island life

  • Enjoy nature, rituals

  • Love for the ocean

  • Connect deeply with the elements and nature

  • Be surrounded by like minded heart-centered women

  • Release old beliefs while having fun

  • Love being pampered in a fabulous spa

  • Experience a fast boat trip of 30 minutes crossing from Bali to Nusa Lembongan (no tests or vaccines are required)

What will you achieve during your retreat?

Fun, playfulness, deep connection, healing, selflove, reflection, clarity and commitment to manifesting your desires.

What INSPIRES you?

During this retreat you will be inspired to develop a new sense of relationships, life style, wellness and clarity. Because this year is a year of aligning with your desires. It is a year of healing so that you can lovingly step into the new cycles that will begin for you.

Are you ready to CREATE a world that aligns completely with your VISION?

We will invite and encourage you to reflect on who you are and how you can inspire others. Through this whole process we tap into the ancestral  guidance of our mentors through intuition and heart - mind, body connection. We create a pathway for participants to understand who they are, and what is really important in their life, and what contribution they can bring to the world.

Join this warm, welcoming, and heart-opening experience, diving into a journey of self-discovery and self-transformation.

We will create a space of respect, based on the terms of Gynetherapy and Shamanism.

You will receive an email explaining all logistical information. If you still require more information about this 3 day immersion, you can email us at


I have been visiting Bali for a while! However doing my very first retreat/tour with Luna Retreats took my experience to a whole new level! Suzana shares from her heart her experience and love for this Island! If you are looking to connect with the magic of Bali and go deeper with your spiritual experience, don’t look further and join the adventure!

Luna, Colombia 

You know that you have experienced something special when you run out of words. This was my experience with Luna Retreats. To begin with a very light circle of women, full of pleasure, fun and creativity, just as the feminine energy is. I found myself recharged, nourished, connected with my essence. Only this would be enough, but there was more.

Graziela, Brazil 


women's initiation in 2019

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