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1-Day Immersion of

The Earth keeper

Deep Purification and Blessing

Consult us for availability. 

Bali has a powerful magnetism.
It’s not called Paradise Island for nothing. 

Yes, there are plenty of other wonderful islands on the map, but Bali is different. What’s so special about this island with just 3 million inhabitants?

We all come from the nature and to the nature we shall return. A healing and integrational journey. Open your heart and mind and become one with the universal source. Blessed be!


Temple Purification and Blessing
a deep connection with the God's in the magical Bali. Be blessed by a Balinese healer.

​Program Suggested:

  • Morning meditation

  • Visit to a hidden temple

  • Water temple blessing (provided by a Balinese healer/priestess)

  • Initiation as a sacred Earth keeper

  • Stunning scenery of the water fall temple

  • Shamanic journey

  • Driver both ways (we will drive about 25 min away from Ubud)

  • Duration: 9:30am - around 3pm (Don't book anything before of 7pm, we want you to be relaxed)

This blessing includes a body scrub in full integration with nature. 

Complementary program (request in advance):

  • 1 night in a local accommodation

  • Yoga Flow

  • Breakfast

  • Workshops (Circles, counselling, breath work and/or dance)


One pass experience - US$ 105 per person
Workshops: US$ 30 per person
This is an exclusive program part of Luna Retreat Program. Groups limited to 10 participants. Less is more. 
Looking for other dates?
Contact us.

My first time in Bali and I have been lucky enough to book a retreat with Luna Retreats 🧘🏼‍♀️This has been more of a journey within yourself in beautiful environment of this magical Island! 

Anna, Norway (Apr 19) Private retreat



You eat together, do meditation or yoga or oracle card readings. As a symptom of trauma in my life, I got sick here. And I healed here. I got to forgive the person that physically and mentally hurt me. I got over fears. All through energy healing and with a session held here.

Alexa, Germany (Mar 18) Group retreat

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