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Transformational Experiences

Welcome to your Earth paradise retreat! 

Dive deep in a self learning journey of awareness in full contact with nature. 

Join this warm, welcoming, and heart-opening experience.
No religion, guru, or dogma!

Take a journey of yoga, meditation, movement, conscious living, and healthy eating where you can expect a full well-structured program and an intimate space to share, connect and grow together.

7 Days Retreat
11-week  Mastermind 
All the woman that I am starting in February 2021

Connect your start-up business with whom you are. In this masterclass, I’ll explain what self-awareness is, why it’s important, and then walk through 10 effective and practical archetypes of the feminine, through lots of meditation, dance, and rituals that you can use to actually cultivate self-awareness in your life.

It means understanding our own emotions and moods in accordance to the archetypes of your personality. Instead of trying to avoid or “fix” how we feel, we observe and stay curious about our feelings, even the difficult, uncomfortable ones.

training cover.jpg

Certified by Udemy, this online training contain 11 lessons and 1 hour of video class. Holding space is the process of witnessing and validating someone else's emotional state while simultaneously being present to your own.”

You were born with the power to create and hold space for transformation and healing. No previous experience required, only the will to learn and open heart.

7-day  Mindful Earth Retreat Bali Edition

Nature is calling those who can’t stand to stay in the office and are looking for an inspiring time. This is a transformational opportunity to learn more about sustainability and self- awareness. A time of growth while: practicing yoga and meditation; learning from the local culture and local healers; and immersing in the pure spring waters of Mama Bali. A customized program and comprehensive experience. Get certified as an Earth Keeper!

7-day  Mindful Earth Retreat Portugal Edition

Dive deep in a self learning journey in full contact with nature. A time of learning how to be in the present moment, reading the signs of the universe and living a journey of awareness. Open to your natural state, as a limitless being. Leave your soulprint in the world.


A taylored, Trans-formative, well designed, inspiring, loving, positive, fun program!

We will  introduce to you ways of being, ways of seeing, and ways of interacting with the world. Feel your body, rest your mind, and meet your soul. Get back to your natural state of being.

Community focused

We love Bali and we love the people that make this place so special! Be open to get in touch and share experiences with locals. Coming to our retreat, you are supporting the local community. Most of our team angels in Bali are from Indonesia, incredible right?

Giving Back to Bali

Our team is composed of amazing Indonesian. And besides of that, by booking a retreat directly with us, part of the proceeds will be donated to a local social impact enterprise. It's our way to thank this land for receiving us.



A friend of mine recommended Suzy to me, and I will be thankful to her forever. We built this retreat on trust! We decided together that everyday would have been a surprise. She didn’t show me the schedule and so it has been... A big surprise.
She created this retreat based on what she felt. She is a sensitive, open hearted and powerful woman. This experience has been the most beautiful one for me. I’ve never felt in my life so in connection with nature, empowered and loved. She opened my heart and she gave me the tools to deeply connect with myself. Her powerful energy and all the activities based on energy healing, healed me!! I’m so grateful to her and to all the people that worked with her on this beautiful, strong and
amazing journey called Luna Retreat. This is not a common retreat this is a place, a home, a trip where you feel you are one. We were one!!!

Grazie with all my heart ❤️

Rosa, Italy (Dec 2019) Group retreat

My first time in Bali and I have been lucky enough to book a retreat with Luna Retreats 🧘🏼‍♀️This has been more of a journey within yourself in the beautiful environment of this magical Island! 

Anna, Norway (Apr 2019) Private retreat



Spending time with Suzy during the retreat she hand selected for me was a one of a kind experience!  I can’t thank her enough for truly listening to how I wanted to spend a week in Bali, and made sure that every activity was tailored towards our goals we set together.  Overall, I cannot think of a more authentic trip because I feel like I got the real taste of Ubud.  I was never stuck in a hotel because we were always exploring the special places of Ubud, at the pace we wanted to go.  Suzy also was very aware throughout the trip about the energy of the group, and always recommended the perfect activity given the mood.  I really appreciated the time she gave to making sure this was an incredible experience for me!

Sophie, USA (Mar 2019) Private retreat



    Luna retreat came to my life at the moment when I most needed it. I was tired physically and mentally, but thanks to this amazing and well-prepared team, I was able to come back to my normal routine with more energies than I ever have. I focused this time to heal the relationship that I have with the women of my family, and somehow now everything is so much better than I can explain. Meditation, yoga, food, tours, conversations and even the silence time was beyond my expectations. I highly recommend it!

Laura, Uruguay (Feb 2019) Private retreat


My retreat with you was unforgettable.... for sure!!! ❤️

Gundula, Germany (Jan 2019) Private retreat


Yes! This is what I was dreaming to manifest!
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