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Around the world with Suzana and Dean

Dean & Su LOW RES by Marian Duven-57_edi

Meet Suzana and Dean. Dedicated coaches and therapists with years of experience in creating sacred spaces, offering trainings in person and online for thousands of clients. Believing in community, They are ready to bring their offerings all over the world. Ready to connect with them? Send a dm!

Transformative Experiences

Check our offerings:

Empowerment with a Global Vision


Throughout the years, we have discovered the incredible potential of expanding knowledge by bringing together people from diverse fields. The effects of this collaboration are truly remarkable.

🌟 Transformative Workshops from Corporate to Festivals:

  • Our workshops cater to a diverse range of events, which can be applied from a business training session to wedding celebrations! 

  • Whether you're looking to enhance team cohesion and creativity in a corporate setting or seeking a heart-centered experience for your special day, our offerings are designed for everyone willing to open their hearts and access their creative power.

🌐 Global Impact, Local Connection:

  • Our offerings offer a unique blend of global perspective and local community building.

  • Be part of a movement that empowers people locally while contributing to a broader global network of empowered individuals.

🚀 Leadership Evolution:

  • Elevate your skills with our workshops empowering you to lead in your communities.

  • Gain the tools and insights needed to make a significant impact, locally and beyond.

🔑 Exclusive Access:

  • Join a select group of people who recognize the value of exclusive, quality training.

  • Our commitment is to provide an unparalleled experience, ensuring you stand out as a leader in your personal and professional spheres.

Connect with us:


On Instagram:

Suzana Lebrecht @suzanasnature  

Dean Powell @integratedmanwithdean

Luna Retreats: @lunaretreats

Jem Bendell

The Life is a Blessing retreat is like joining friends to celebrate being alive, through music, movement, nature and food.

Rosa Marino

This experience has been the most beautiful one for me. I’ve never felt in my life so in connection with nature, empowered and loved. She opened my heart and she gave me the tools to deeply connect with myself. Her powerful energy and all the activities based on energy healing, healed me!! I’m so grateful to her and to all the people that worked with her on this beautiful, strong and
amazing journey called Luna Retreat. This is not a common retreat this is a place, a home, a trip where you feel you are one. We were one!!!

Grazie with all my heart ❤️

Laura Carrión

Luna Retreats came to my life at the moment when I most needed it. I was tired physically and mentally, but thanks to this amazing and well-prepared team, I was able to come back to my normal routine with more energies than I ever have.

Anna Kristin Lie

My first time in Bali and I have been lucky enough to book a retreat with Luna Retreats 🧘🏼‍♀️This has been more of a journey within yourself in the beautiful environment of this magical Island! 


My retreat with you was unforgettable.... for sure!!! ❤️


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